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VJ Choolun Creative Director

Grew up in London in the 70’s, interesting times.
Biggest achievements back then painting a 25 foot by 100 foot theatre backdrop at the age of 11.
(Had a Commodore PET then, cassettes to hold data, mind blowing!)

In the 80’s became passionate about Technology, Break Dance, Martial Arts, Graffiti and Art & Design continued as a way of living. (Had a beige box then called an Apple Macintosh, took floppy discs, and SyQuests for the larger files, amazing!)

In the 90’s became a University Lecturer in Digital Media Design & Technologies for the University of Arts London. The Art, Design and Technology affair continued. (The floppy discs turned into Zip discs).

In the 20’s found ‘Multi-Disciplinary Creative’ a favoured term for what I am.
(The zip disks turned into USB Sticks)

Today, I am a Creative Director that has provided solutions for the educational sector, corporate sector, creative and technology sectors and have worked on accounts such as Saatchi & Saatchi, BBC, and a variety of independent companies and organisations.
(Will ‘Cloud’ replace USB?)

A creative partner, working for AVMC Studios (over the last fourteen years) a Creative Advertising & Design studio. Works include creative solutions from conception to production as well as mentoring and inspiring freelance teams.


  • Managed creative budgets and purchasing processes of many projects.

  • Strong planning and organisational skills.

  • Comfortable with tight time lines in a fast paced environment.

  • A good understanding of forward trends and innovation in the market.

  • High level knowledge of both print and digital design.

  • Able to communicate effectively, both internally and externally, at all levels.

  • The confidence to liaise with Clients and interpret briefs.

  • Building relationships with clients and inspiring teams.

My focus is to work with agencies, studios and direct clients to provide communicative solutions.
Is this you? Let’s talk.

Specialties: Design, Art, Painting, Typography, Illustrations, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Concept Design, Presentations, Project Management, Video, White Board illustrations, Digital Art, Lecturing/Public Speaking.

P.S. Did I mention I like to paint.